2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

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2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

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2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

All the citizens of the city are "Supporters"

2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave is a gathering of people who want to promote or get involved with the Tokyo 2020 Games.
People of all ages, each bringing whatever they can to the table, will be cheering on the Tokyo 2020 Games from Fujisawa.

What kind of activities will we do?

How do I become a member of the cheering section?

You can be part of the Supporters too, simply by registering through our mailing list or LINE@.

We will send information on volunteer recruitment and Tokyo 2020 Games-related events held by Fujisawa.

Just enjoy!

Please come to any events that catch your eye.

In 2018, Olympic countdown events and the Sailing World Cup will be held. Please check for future announcements and come to the event locations.

Give support as a member of the Supporters!

Would you like to support the events?

We plan to recruit people to help write reports on the day of the events to be posted on a specially-created website.

I want to share about these activities!

Would your group like to be involved in 2020 initiatives?

At our office, we will lend out our original Supporters banner and provide information on applying for the Tokyo 2020 Games organising committee planning program.

We want to help with planning!

We will be holding an idea workshop

At the end of 2018, Supporter members plan to hold an idea workshop to contribute to planning for 2020 promotion.
Promote the Tokyo 2020 Games from Fujisawa by getting involved in all different ways!

Register for the 2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

Let's promote the Tokyo 2020 Games from Fujisawa!
Then let's use that momentum to build the Fujisawa of the future!

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After registering for the cheering section, a confirmation email will be sent.
If you use mail filtering with domain specification, please set your system so that you can receive email from “@fj-games2020.jp.”

From Mayor Suzuki

I am so happy and honored that Enoshima has been selected to be the sailing competition venue once again after hosting it for the Tokyo 1964 Games. I very much hope and expect that the passion felt at that time will be revived once more.
2020 is also the 80th anniversary of the establishment of our municipal government, so it will be a big year for us. As Fujisawa citizens, let's get involved in Olympic-related activities in different ways, each person contributing to raise energy and vitality while showing great hospitality to the athletes and Olympic Games!

Photos provided by: Fujisawa Digital Archives

Fujisawa citizens were excited about the 1964 Olympic Games

The Olympic torch for the 1964 Games came to Fujisawa. The current mayor, who was a third-year junior high school student at the time, ran the course as an Olympic torch runner. An Enoshima yacht song was performed at a reception held at the Enoshima Yacht Harbor. Athletes from all different countries were welcomed with homemade hospitality.