The “TOKYO 2020 SAILING ENOSHIMA PREVIEW” videos and featured articles have been released!

May 8,2019

The “TOKYO 2020 SAILING ENOSHIMA PREVIEW” videos are now being released!

Towards the TOKYO 2020 Games, we have created videos in the image of move previews introducing the activities of “2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave” and also Enoshima, the sailing competition venue, using the Ukiyo-e pictures and seasonal photos of the island. The videos were created through collaboration between Fujisawa City and an incorporated non-profit organization ‘Shonan Yuei-Za’.

The videos can be viewed  below.

●The Sailing Competition Venue ENOSHIMA

・Digest Preview (1.25 min.) 

・Preview (2.34 min.) 

●2020 Supporters Fujisawa Big Wave

・Digest Preview (1.07 min.) 

・Preview (2.24 min.) 

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